Senior Session Details

"If you didn't read my About Me page, I consider myself to be a laid back perfectionist. First and foremost I want to give you amazing photos buuut I also want BOTH of us to enjoy your KKP experience. I believe the best photos come from being raw & real. Your senior photos should be a reflection of who you are, not your clothes or makeup. I will of course help you with all of that, but I want you to trust that I'm going to capture you in a beautiful way."

—I want you to love your photos as much as I do


How can I see your availability?

I like to keep things easy-breezy so I offer Self-booking. With the program I use in order to see my availability you will need to kinda pretend like you are booking a session. Once you click on booking and choose a Session type, my availability calendar will pop-up for you to view prior to needing to book or pay. This way we save time having to correspond back and forth to come up with a date.

What do we do if it rains? We reschedule. And honestly, I prefer a day with sunshine for beautiful lighting. I don't mind rescheduling as much as needed. I have days blocked off specifically for rescheduling.

Do you offer hair/makeup? No, that's something you handle on your own. There are so many options out there now and I don't like teaming up with someone to force you to go to someone so I can get a kickback. Most people have their favorite person anyway.

Do I choose the location? Upon booking you will fill out a questionnaire choosing "location styles" that helps us determine locations we will use. I have spent hours scouting locations so I will give you my recommendations based on your style choices. I am of course open to hearing about specific locations. Locations over 60 miles away will incur a mileage fee.

Do you have a studio? No, but you can add on studio rental time when you book. I still would want to do some of the photos outdoors as well.

Can I bring props/pets? Yes, both are welcomed! I do suggest we take the pet photos at the beginning of the session and make sure you bring someone to take the pet home or take care of it during the session.

Can I have photos taken with a friend/bf/gf/family? For sure, but we do keep those photos to a minimum. I also offer an add-on mini family session upon booking if you want more time.

Do you have a Senior Guide? Yes! Once you're booked you will receive an email with a password to gain access to my guide on my website.

Make sure you check out my portfolio and social media to make sure you like my style!