One of my favorite photo session locations is German Village, Columbus Ohio for so many reasons...

Even when the nature in Ohio's colder months isn't very appealing, German Village provides a year round beautiful backdrop with it's classic historical architecture, cobblestone streets, brick of all different colors, neutral color house colors along with ornamental iron gates and fences. And don't ask me how, but German Villagers seem to all have green thumbs with their foliage lasting way beyond seasons in other areas around Columbus. I have many favorite spots I frequent in German Village but it's fun to discover new spots in GV as we walk around during a session. Most of German Village is absolutely gorgeous and it's all so close together making it easy to capture photos with many different backgrounds during a session.

We can also easily capture different styles within German Village like classic and traditional or even urban and edgy. To get the more classic look we will stay close to Frank Fetch Park and all the cute houses and for the edgier look we can go closer to High Street with some photos even having downtown Columbus in the distant background.

There are several cute little shops and restaurants that are great for backdrops as well as Schiller Park which is located within German Village. Schiller has a pond with a small wood bridge and a concrete performance stage that has vines and pillars. Schiller also has many mature trees that not only are pretty but also provide shaded spots if needed on a super sunny day.