Glowing Goddess Sessions are to celebrate YOU

As women we have a tremendous pressure put on us by society to often times be something or someone that's not who we actually are. I want to give you space to be yourself, to honor and celebrate your authentic self.

So, what exactly is a Goddess Session, and why is it called a Goddess Session? To me, a Goddess is a spiritual energy within us all that is confident and strong. The Goddess is intuitive and vulnerable, and when we draw upon the Goddess’s energy we connect with our our true selves. A Goddess Session therefore is a creative portrait session meant to draw out your inner Goddess; your wildness, strength, sensuality, or whatever it is that makes you feel powerful and confident like a Goddess.

The Goddess Session is a liberating and empowering experience. The end goal of this photo shoot is to have experienced something celebratory and freeing, and to have connected with an inner part of yourself that makes you feel alive. The photos are the bonus end product of your personal celebration, of which you get to look back on and cherish for the rest of your life.

It is about taking the time to do something unique for yourself.

I prefer doing the sessions outside as I feel that connecting with nature is essential to our lives- in grounding us, helping us feel at peace and calm but we can also explore the idea of photographing the session in your own personal space, studio space or even a really cute airbnb. We can decide on the location after we chat about the vision for your session.